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 Glary Power Technology Company Limited

Company profile

Glary Power Technology is the technology leader in producing high efficiency and high density dc to dc conversion products, whhich are widely used in the fileds of  Telecommunication, data processing and industrial control. Glary is technology-oriented, superior in design and development, skilled in high power density manufacturing, which based on a complementary product line devoloped during past few years to meet ever-increasing power demands. 

By employing conventional technology with more than ten-year experience in this field as well as grent of several international patents, Glary provides a power service to customers. Zero-Voltage-Switching (ZVS), Synchronous-Rectifier (SR), Trans-Filter topology and conventional hard-switching technology support specific design to system designers.

Above all, Glary is one of the pioneer in low profile, high power density and high efficiency of a brick type. The height of 0.34" with full metal package, 53A/in3 current density, higher than 94% efficiency with 300W/in3 power density perform the professional strength in technology.

Glary will continuously research and develop power conversion products in the future to have a mutual growth and success with our customers. 



Glary Power Technology Company Limited  Phone: 886-4-26319590 or 886-4-26528932

 No. 191, Zhongyuan St., Shalu Dist., Taichung City 433013, Taiwan (R.O.C.)